Type of Works
Art Direction/ Script Writing/
Worked at Scenario Co. Ltd.,

Fah Jarod Sai, literally “[From] Sky to Sands”, marks the musical’s setting in a desert of an Arabian nation. The story is about lovers from across cultural barriers of the West and the Islamic world. Scenes in Fah Jarod Sai vary greatly from vast deserts to a stately designed throne hall with sophisticate details of an Arabian king.

I joined this project as an assistant art director. The scope of work includes scene design research, scenery design, script writing and prop. We researched Islamic architecture and we selected their characteristic elements for art direction such as overlapping plane in the architecture that creates deeper space and make the scene looks more elegant.

Additionally, an element of Islamic architecture that we use is wall-to-wall and wall-to-ceiling voids, which can be found in buildings with stained glass and perforated decoration. This helps make lighten solid and heavy-looking planes.