This is anacademic project to design a hypothetical branch of a real-world, popular coffee house in Thailand – Banrie Coffee - literally “coffee [of the] home on the range” in front the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, where I am studying.

The scope of work is to study Banrie Coffee’s brand identity, whose unique characters lies in simplicity of Thai country lifestyle and oriental philosophy of harmonious living with the nature, and renovate the old building fit such an identity. In addition, the project calls for exterior design to promote the new coffee shop to the passersby. I chose Thai contemporary designs comprising of extensive use of diagonal lines as inspired by native Thai architectures.

Combining Banrie Coffee’s identity and the location – essentially a design college – the main concept is a marriage of Thainess, nature, and an art gallery, I create a unique personality of this branch of Banrie Coffee. This design concept also affect its function – being a cafe and supporting exhibition by having display space, shelves, walls with attachable boards. All furnitures can be rearrange and recompose a new interior to suit various rotating exhibitions that helps maintain freshness and chic atmosphere of the branch.