Type of Works
Conceptual interior design

A pedagogic design project in my 3rd year at Chulalongkorn University calls for designing a hypothetical branch of a popular Thai fashion brand, FLYNOW, at a chic Siam Discovery Department Store in the center of Bangkok. The project began by researching FLYNOW’s brand to bring their identity into this interior space.

FLYNOW’s apparel collection focuses on leather, sleek and light satin that is professional oriented yet fashionable. Its target group is female professionals in their 30s and up. FLYNOW’s product lines include working suit, casual wear and night dress.

Therefore the planning is separated into three zones: working suit and casual wear, with evening dress zone located at a distinctive point in the center. The concept for display and product presentation is GLOW: using lighting to help enhance the luxury feeling within the product. Most of light will spot at product displays, so the space’s color scheme is dim, dark violet. The main display uses the gallery concept – the product is shown as an art object in glowing glass box in darken space, drawing attention to its beauty in every angle.