Type of Works
Interior and Graphic design
Material and Furniture specification
Worked at OBD: 2008-2009
Completed: 2009

Singhapark Clubhouse, owned by the producer of the world-renowned Thai beer Singha, located in Khonkaen in the Northeastern Thailand also known within Thailand as the E-Sarn Region. We therefore design this project with emphasis on capturing local E-Sarn culture, by selecting and analyzing elements from Thai E-Sarn such as local textile and household equipment then use them as the accent of design.

Moreover, the concept of design also matches client’s brand identity. Singha Corporation positioned itself as a traditional Thai beer with a strong track record of social responsibility. Singha portrays its images of being friendly, casually dressed, local, and good-hearted. The color schemes are gold –from Singha’s corporate identity– and earth tone, which shifts into red-brown color characteristic to E-Sarn’s drier climate.

The Office of Bangkok Architects (OBA):
Singha Corporation