This project is a part of my coursework at Chulalongkorn University to explore designs that would maximize utility of a very limited space – typical of apartments in central Bangkok or any similar megapolis – and also gears toward the owner’s personal interest and daily activities.

In this particular exercise, the owner is a 20-26 years old female rock guitarist – she plays in pubs and enjoys nightlife with vast groups of friends. Her utilization of the space is mainly limited to the daytime when she rests and relaxes before getting back on the stage, jamming guitars, composing and recording song demos at night with her fellow rock enthusiasts. Her small apartment with very limited space is the cradle of her imagination. A space that inspires, harbors, and promotes new ideas and musical experimentations. With frequent visits from friends in the music circle, she particularly wants the interior design of her personal space to speak for her personality.

The main concept is flexible loft. Furniture has multi-function and great flexibility to move around and rearrange the space to fit her continuously changing utilizations – bedroom, lounging space for friends, or an impromptu recording studio. I choose Japanese-style partition which can be rearranged easily to define and divide space between resting space and working space.